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Tablet Dashboard Goes with the Flow

Aqua Management, Inc. (AMI) has been creating digitalized water control systems for agricultural, industrial and commercial users since 1988 and has led the industry in cloud based IOT (Internet of all Things) solutions for more than a decade.


AMI engineers created a sophisticated monitoring and control system, Spirit, that was designed to allow farmers to control a farm’s irrigation, fertilization, filtering, scheduling and other critical systems from a cloud-based system. This complex mix of hardware and software components revolutionized cloud-based irrigation control, and set the stage for a new generation of smart farmers.

Spirit’s challenge was that this new wave of farmers wanted to access the system from the field or any remote location using tablets rather than a stationary computer. Spirit’s online dashboard was fully functional, however the product programming was created in conjunction with the initial dashboard, which resulted in some overlapping functionality that was difficult to access and deploy. In short, Spirit’s initial dashboard control was difficult to use and was only available via desktop computer.


The 12 Birds engineering team recommended a complete redesign of the dashboard that would separate Spirit’s Monitoring and Control systems into silos. Working with AMI’s engineers, 12 Birds isolated every functionality of the Spirit dashboard and created a two-tiered dashboard that would be easy to use on a mobile device. All elements of the initial dashboard were streamlined, which eliminated several redundant control mechanisms.

With the Monitor and Control systems in silos, the 12 Birds Art Department went to work in creating a sleek and powerful new user interface that brought critical information to the forefront, and all control functionality accessible within two-clicks of the interface. Simple and easy.

Introducing The Spirit 2.0 Dashboard

Designed for the New Generation of Smart Agriculturalist

Project Screenshots:


Today, AMI users can monitor and control all their farm irrigation systems from a simple dashboard that can be displayed on an array of tablet devices and can be accessed from the field, or any remote location.

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