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The Need: Simplified Consumer Interface

When Hydrocom came to 12 Birds they had developed a revolutionary water control system that allowed users to monitor and control water usage with internet technologies. The Water Controller was designed to allow property owners to “conserve and control” the flow of water on site through a complex system of valves linked to a cloud-based server. The system helps detect leaks, overuse of water and flooding on site.

This expertly engineered product filled an ever-growing need to control water usage on a property and conserve one of the planet’s most precious resources. In addition, The Water Controller, helps property owners to deter and/or completely eliminate the insurance industry’s number one property claim: water damage.

The challenge Hydrocom faced in bringing the Water Controller to market was the original user interface was too complex for the average user. The functions and reporting mechanisms were buried so deep within menus, it was difficult to use.

The Solution: Refined Dashboard Interface

The engineering team at 12 Birds thoroughly dissected the functionality of the Water Controller isolating key product features and functions. The challenge for 12 Birds was to streamline that functionality into easy one-click operations in an intuitive interface.

In a collaborative effort with Hydrocom engineers, the 12 Birds team created detailed mock ups of the new interface using strong graphic components that would translate across a variety of web applications. The mock up process allowed both teams to review the integration of form and functionality into the new interface.

The Result:

A product that is growing exponentially in sales everyday

Project Screenshots:


The new web interface for Hydrocom Water Controller allows users to monitor and control water usage on their property at a single glance from a smart phone, tablet or computer. It has streamlined the process by reducing the number of clicks per function and has an interactive display that looks great and is simple to use.

Water Controller is now a fully-live user-friendly consumer product that is growing exponentially in sales every day.

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